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Homepage of the multi-million-page site simulator

Click next or back button to browse. When the count limit of 20 pages is reached, you will be redirected to validation page and requested to enter the validation code. In real site you can direct a user to login/registration page after the limit is reached. To set the limit a user can browse within a session, change the $limit value in the config.php file.

Some environment variables values, count limit and $COUNTER values are shown in the table below. Also we will use print_r() function in the bottom of the page to see the counter array values.

Your session id is: a1b96493631786d08be62a90f38db5d9
Your user agent is: CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Your ip address is:
This page URL is: www.alxg.net/sim/
Count limit: 20
Count value: 1
Session count: 1

Array ( [count] => 1 [sessioncount] => 1 )